The principle of acting with the principle of "human first" in each production link of the quality product chain extending from our suppliers to our customers, GRANİT METAL EV GEREÇLERİ SAN. VE TİC. A.S. Is under the social securityof.

Accordinglywe undertake that;

Social Management Systems and Progressive Effect ; We will include our other business partners in the social compliancesystem, by closelyfollowingthe current BSCI Principles.

Inclusion and Protection of Workers ; Workers and their representatives will closely monitor the current BSCI Principles and include all personnel in the social compliance system, and informing trainings will be given regularlyonthis issue,

Compliance with Laws and Other Obligations and Rights of Association and Collective Bargaining; To keep our existing systems up to date in the light of laws and regulations by closely following the relevant laws and regulations in force and to comply with the rights of employees to form trade unions or other types of worker unions and to make collectiveagreements,

Prevention of Discrimination and Inclusion of Employee and Protection; Our colleagues and candidates; Regardless of language, religion, race, ethnic origin, pregnancy, marital status or gender discrimination, to evaluate according to their ability to do business, to make compensation and promotions in this direction and to inform all our employeesabout their social and legal rights and responsibilities,

Fair Remuneration ; To determine the salaries of our colleagues in a manner not to be below the minimum wage determined by law and to pay them on time and to comply with the right of our employees to receive fair wages,

Reasonable Working Hours ; To adjust the working hours in accordance with the laws and regulations in force and to comply with the voluntary principle, provided that the overtime work is within the framework stipulated by the occupationalhealth and safetylegislation,

Occupational Health and Safety and Prevention of Unsafe Work ; To follow a policy that reduces the risk of accidents by making improvements in risk-making points by making risk analyzes, to ensure the participation of all our employees in occupational health and safety practices and to adopt an understanding that prioritizesthe health ofour employees,

Prevention of Child Labor and Special Protection for Young Workers ; Not to employ anyone under the legal minimum age limit and not to employ workers under the age of 18 for purposes other than training (internship, etc.),

Prevention of Precarious Work ; During the recruitment phase; we undertake to provide the necessary environment of respect in the recruitment process, Remuneration, Working hours, Disciplinary Measures, Promotions,Trainings and TerminationofEmployment.

Preventing Debt Payment by Labor and Ethical Business Conduct ; Not to make use of any kind of slave, illegal and unwilling workforceand not to tolerate any kind ofcorruption,fraud, embezzlementorbribery

Environment and Other Management Systems ; To ensure continuity by continuously improving social compliance,Occupational Health,Occupational Safety,Quality and Environmental management systems.

Ethical Behavior ; We are committed to developing a system that ensures the implementation of the BSCI Code of Conduct criteriaand prevents corruptionand bribery in all activitiesof the company. All of our managers and employees are responsible for our socialresponsibilityprinciples.