To meet customer needs and expectations

• By delivering products and equipment at the expected quality and on time

• By prioritizing customer expectations and needs, improving pre-sales and after-sales services

• By providing an affordable price advantage

• By providing unique service to the customer

By giving continuous training to our employees

• To ensure continuous improvement and to place quality awareness

• To mobilize our material and human resources for the health of our employees and protection of the environment

• To ensure continuous improvement of our products and processes, to reduce our costs

• Making a difference with our new product / process design activities

• To continuously improve all business processes with the participation of all employees in order to achieve perfect business results Based on

Accordingly our policy is

• Based on customer requests and opinions and keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level

• To ensure continuous improvement and development in every process

• Based on the ISO 9001: 2015 process management approach in the activities within the scope of our Quality Management System and ensuring the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.

• To comply with the standards that specify the product requirements

• To apply the latest technologies in our products and processes and to aim at pioneering innovations in the sector.

• To ensure effective and efficient use of resources

• To work in coordination with our suppliers in order to increase quality awareness and to integrate in the principle of goals and to see our suppliers as an integral part of the system and as a business partner.